PickPath is about enhancing real world experiences

people exploring the forest with pickpath app

Who is PickPath for?

Galleries, museums, performance makers, festivals, tourism operators, educators and placemakers - or perhaps just an enthusiastic parent with a penchant for making scavenger hunts. While PickPath was created for live performance contexts, its application is wide.

What can I do with PickPath?

You can make self-guided journeys for groups or individuals; location-specific experiences or remote ones; interactive, social experiences; or add audience participation to your event or performance. Your experience can be built with:

  • Endless non-linear "pick-a-path" avenues
  • Content pinned to specific locations, with maps or compasses to help you get there
  • Audio, video and images
  • Audience inputs and recall, and multi-choice functions
  • Conditional pathways based on time or location

How do I create a PickPath experience?

PickPath is a platform that anyone can use - without any specialist technical skills. If you have a clear idea of the experience you want to make, you can jump into the Creator Studio and start building straight away. Alternatively, the PickPath team offer services to help you conceptualise and build your experience, or even create the experience for you. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Case Studies


Digital Performance Installation

An interactive experience that invites you, the participant, to dial into a curious series of voicemails while you weave your way through the gallery. It's part pick-a-path novel, part audio tour from artist duo O&P Works.

Walking with Artists

Immersive audio guide

A free audio guide from Hawke's Bay Arts Festival that gets you up close and personal with the artists behind some of Heretaunga's most iconic public artworks. Walk as though in conversation with each artist, and choose how deep in conversation you want to get.

Who What Where Now

Family quest

An expansive, app-driven adventure for 4-10 year olds, featuring puzzles, quests and characters. This family experience by theatre makers Binge Culture leads you through the depths of a theatre and into public green spaces on a quest to find a precious taonga.

Te Ara Aronui

Self-guided audio walk

Experience the layered histories and queer narratives of Rangipuke (Albert Park) with Auckland Pride's immersive self-guided audio experience. Choose to flow with the contours of Te Wai Ariki (water springs), or weave in amongst the landmarks that reflect a complex colonial imagination, featuring waiata, poetry and storytelling.

U R Back

Optional audience aid

Barbarian Production's radical, wondrous outdoor event for the people of P┼Źneke. Discover a new open-world adventure of weirdness and wonder. Part show, part game, part walk-in-the-park! Barbarian are utilising PickPath to provide a path for blind and low-vision audience members, and offer extra easter egg content.

You and A.I.

Theatrical adventure

An adventure through Te Whanganui-a-Tara - and into the datascape - from Binge Culture. Let your own phone guide you on a theatrical quest through streets and found spaces, solving puzzles and mining data on your odyssey into the mind of a ravenous learning machine.