Empowering creators,
inspiring audiences

Designed by storytellers, PickPath enables you to craft and share interactive app-guided experiences for your audience

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Design app-guided experiences for your audience

Audio tours, interactive adventures, audience aids for performances, location based guides - reach new audiences and deepen their experience through the use of their smartphone.

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Craft it using our intuitive and flexible Creator Studio

No coding skills required! Build directly on our easy-to-use canvas, and iterate on it as often as you need throughout the creative process - with all changes updated immediately in the front-end.

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Share your experiences effortlessly with our app

When you're ready to share your experience, invite your audience to access it via the free PickPath web or smartphone app. Use QR codes or links to connect people directly.

We can help you tell your story

From museums offering personalised audio tours to destination tourism outfits providing location-based storytelling experiences, PickPath provides the tools and services to connect with audiences, all at low cost.

We've been working with these excellent folks
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How PickPath supports creators and storytellers

Creators with a clear idea of the experience they want to make can jump into our user-friendly Creator Studio and immediately start building their experience with our intuitive "drag and drop" tools.

For organisations requiring experience design support and full creative services, PickPath offers flexible tiers of support to suit a project.

"I found the PickPath app a really engaging and accessible way to discover more about the beautiful public art that surrounds us..."
Andy Heast,
Chair of the Hawke's Bay Arts Festival

Create your Experience

museums and galleries


Build personalised audio tours and interactive activities that enable your visitors to connect more deeply with your content.

festivals and events


Create cost-effective and adventurous storytelling scenarios for your audiences, free from the burden of production and venue costs.

community organisations


Elevate and share local stories tied to local places, and foster greater community pride and connection.

tourism and sites of interest


Provide insider knowledge with bespoke guided experiences for visitors and locals across your cities and attractions.

performance and art makers


Guide your audience through immersive performances or installations at an affordable price.

researchers and designers


You're the expert - utilise our flexible platform to create the app-guided experience you want.

Why choose PickPath?

Realise the creative potential of augmented storytelling

PickPath puts audiences at the center of the experience, turning passive watching into active exploration. Give your audience agency, with alternative pathways catering to different interests, backgrounds, or accessibility needs.

image of 3 people smiling while using pickpath mobile app
image of 3 people smiling while using pickpath mobile app

Unique creative tools at your disposal

PickPath has been built with creative flexibility at its core, supporting creative processes and allowing you to change elements of the experience as easily as a change to a script.

We know how to support the whole journey

PickPath was started by a team of local creatives. We understand what it means to tell stories in Aotearoa New Zealand, and we offer a full creative service to help you tell the best version of your stories. We can help you delight, surprise or educate your audience.

image of 3 people smiling while using pickpath mobile app
"Working with PickPath was a hotbed of creativity"
Jo Randerson, Artistic Director
Barbarian Productions